Pimpin' Priest of Pelor (helpfulyuseless) wrote in hyrulegang,
Pimpin' Priest of Pelor


We will be starting a DnD (dungeons and dragons) game in Hyrule gang after the break, I will need to know how many people are interested and how many people can buy the players handbook on their own, so i don't waste omoney on copies of info that arn't nessicary. there will be more info on this later
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I'm interested, I'm not sure if I can get the players handbook though, what's the cost? anyways, if I can't, my mom'll probably let me make copies here.
it's $30 bucks, pretty steep but I can lend you one of the two I have, but I'll still have to make copies of some of edition 3.5 players handbook stuff, because I'll lend you the 3.0 one.
I don't have the money for the player's handbook (or the monster manual, or the dungeon master's guide...), but you can bet your 1337 comp skills that I really want one. ._.;
Then I'll have to make more copies.
actually, the public library has copies of some DnD books,you should look there. don't get advanced dungeons and dragons books, get only edition 3.0 or 3.5 books.
Will do!

[Umm... You're Will/Scott, right?]
yes, calvin and I had a dabate on weather or not you'd figure it out on your own. I was wrong, but then again since we were the two to get the emails about the club its really not that surprising.