Calvin (loneyes) wrote in hyrulegang,

Okay guys, I have something to say. You'll probably all say this is a shitty idea and to give it up, but fuck you! I've got nothing but time and I'm doing it anyways.

Today I was bored and sitting around, and the idea popped into my head. Hey! Why don't try to start making a sprite comic again!

After I took the part of my brain that thought that up out with a rusty spork, I got another Idea.

Why not make a sprite comic! Only this time, have it 'based' on things and conversations that you and your friends have had! I actually thought this was an 'okay' idea. I even thought up the first short story arc thing.

So, I present to you:

Anyways, here's the sprite I've worked up for Christina. I'll be working on sprites for Will, Alex, and me later.


Yeah, I know it's blurry, but I'm trying to fix that. Also, I need ideas for backgrounds, any ideas?

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