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Sprite update

Okay, Just a small update on my sprite endevors (since It partains to this community "the hyrule gang" I'm posting it here)

I've finished the sprite for me. The sprite is a joke in itself that is explained in the first comic.

Also, here are the updated Christina sprites, with the (hopefully) right hair color.


And yes, I did find out how to fix the blurriness when I actually make the comic.

Also, so everyone knows, here's a little synopsis about what I'm doing.

I'm going to create a comic, based off conversations we have had, only taken to the extreme. I will try to keep your personality the same. Such as, Will will consistantly say smart sounding things, Christina will be quiet but freak out sometimes, and Alex will constantly disagree and shout conspiracy! If you don't like those, trust me, mine's going to be pretty humiliating too.

I will post 5 comics the first day I have them all done (since it's the first part of a small story arc, based on something I heard Will say a long time ago.) Then, I will try to post at least one a week in this community.

Also, I'm having trouble finding sprites to edit for Will and Alex. If you guys see any that might make a good them with some editing (Trying to make all back hair that looks good in this style is hard!) PLEASE! Show me. Mostly I'm working off of this sheet:

One last thing, the backgrounds will probably be simplistic. 2 colors and a line. It'll suck, but this supposed to be about the writing mostly, since the sprites might suck too.
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